St Garmon's Church

St Garmon's Church, Llanfechain

Welcome to St Garmon's Church, Llanfechain

Rector: We are in an Interregnum.




Rev’d Hermione Morris (Mission Area Co ordinator)
Tel: 01691 648306
Mrs Margaret Whittall (Warden) :  01691 828923
Dr Lynne Ash  (Warden) :

Services at St. Garmon's

Our monthly service pattern is as follows:


1st Sunday:    9.30am Morning Prayer
2nd Sunday:   9.30am Holy Communion
3rd Sunday     9.30am All Age Worship
4th Sunday:   9.30am Holy Communion
5th Sunday     11am Holy Communion  with Llanfechain /Mission Area


Please see church notice board for further details


 All Welcome


Occasional Choral Evensongs and other special services will be advertised


Children are welcome at all of our services and there is a toy box at the back of church.

Services are no more than 1 hour and the Family Service is approximately 45 minutes.


School worship weekly at 1.15pm on Tuesdays in school


Mothers Union on 4th Tuesday at 2pm in Village Hall


Please feel free to come and talk about any of the following:

  • Thanksgiving Services for a child or a significant anniversary
  • Weddings
  • Baptisms
  • Confirmation
  • Prayers, following a death or loss in your life
  • Blessing Services
  • Civic Services
  • Services for local clubs / associations
  • Remembrance Services
  • Visits to the sick
  • Home Communions

We are grateful for the gifts God has given to each of us to use in his church. We believe that the church is about people and not buildings but we are nevertheless proud of our church building and indebted to those who have gone before us and maintained it. We are fortunate to be able to share our church building with the Roman Catholic congregation so it gets more use.


Llanfechain Church in Wales School attends church at Harvest, Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Easter and for the Leaver's Service as well as for Holy Communion (Years 5 and 6)


Church is also involved in a weekly school assembly as well as Pathfinders in term time and longer sessions in main holidays.


As a church we need to:

  • continue to grow both spiritually and in number
  • encourage people of all ages but especially welcome children
  • develop vocations for people to become Worship Leaders, Pastoral Assistants, Lay Readers and the Ordained ministry
  • encourage regular worship and involvement
  • recognise our responsibilities of stewardship
  • look outwards to our immediate community and beyond


We pray that God will walk beside us as we continue to grow as a community of faith.


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